The LBK Code of Conduct

1.First of all in your debut match to become a LethalBorNKilleR, you must never spawn kill or you will be kicked straight out of the debut and you will not be welcomed back to join or try to join our community.

2.To join LethalBorNKillerZ, in your debut match you will be partnered up with a LethalBorNkilleR and you two will fight against two other LethalBorNKilleR members. Also the debut will always take place in a fair Halo 3 match.

3.No modding game to win, no lagging on purpose to make enemy team lose, Play clean.

4.You cant spawn kill. Spawn killing is not tolerated unless your playing halo 3 matchmaking or any type of game with the clan that has to do with online play and ranking up.

5.Clan members are expected to show up at any meeting or clan battles if they are summoned by LethalBorNKilleR leaders.

6.If you trash talk a LBK leader, you will be suspended from the clan and your ability to play in clan battles will be suspended as well for a while.

7.Remember to use our website as a tool to help you around the LBK community and take a look at the event calendar every once and a while.

8.Have fun and enjoy.

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